Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company (CSI) has launched the "70% Lifetime Commissions" program, creating new opportunities for stock investors with the most attractive commission discount on the market at this time.

With 14 years of operational experiences, with the advantage of being a technologically pioneering securities company, possessing a modern trading system and many utilities, CSI currently has a network of customers using service, spanning over 63 provinces aross Vietnam and developing Asia's most potential market - China.

"70% Lifetime Commissions" Program

With the motto of sharing most of the benefits and putting the interests of Partners first, the program creates outstanding income opportunities in today's market, along with a commitment to lifelong cooperation for Collaborators such as Market Developer, Independent Investment Consultant.

Program with high income commission policy and no binding conditions

Aiming to improve consulting quality and expand the network of potential customers, the product was specially designed by CSI in Spring 2023, details are as follows:

  • Competitive 70% commission policy leading in the market and unchanged throughout the collaboration period,
  • Applicable the moment of introducing 01 Customer and without any binding conditions.

Particularly, the program does not require any consulting or investment experience, the product is suitable for most participants. When participating, Market Development Collaborators will be fully equipped with the necessary soft skills and industry knowledge by CSI before introducing and taking care of customers.

Committed to being accompanied by leading experts team

Having a great advantage of the Research Center's leading experts team, CSI's reporting, analysis and recommendation system is always highly appraised by experts for its accuracy and applicability. Becoming CSI Partners mean that Collaborators will enjoy the benefits of accompanying with CSI experts in the process of transforming and creating value for customers (investment consulting experts, customer care and development experts).

Modern trading platform, easy to manage customers

Thanks to the smart trading system including CSI Mobile application, CSI Web Trading, CSI Home Trading, investors can easily open online accounts at home, shorten registration procedures for both Collaborators and Investors.

In addition, Investors and Market Development Collaborators can self-manage assets and monitor loss and profit assessment indicators on the CSI Mobile application and CSI Home trading without going to the transaction counter. With this feature, Collaborators can easily manage customers.

Being trained in communication and market development skills by a professional team

In accessing and developing the market process, Collaborators can fully utilize support CSI's professional Marketing team. Every month, CSI will provide in-depth training courses on soft skills in the Media and Securities industry for Collaborators.

To register participating and for more information about the program, please contact hotline 02439260099 (107, 108) or for support.

Details at website

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