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No minimum amount required to invest.

The amount you need will be calculated by: Number of shares you want to buy x Price of one corresponding share.

Suppose you want to buy shares of Military Bank (code MBB).

The minimum number of shares you have to buy (according to the exchange's regulations) is 100 shares. If the shares price is 25,000 VND/share, the amount you need is: 100 shares x 25,000 VND/share = 2,500,000 VND


  1. Expertise and service quality: CSI has outstanding service quality, diversified analytical reporting products, modern and user-friendly trading system.
  2. Scope of operations: CSI applies modern 4.0 technology to securities trading. Customers in all provinces of Vietnam and any countries in the world can trade on CSI trading platforms.
  3. Investment and consulting strategy: CSI can provide investment and consulting strategy based on market analysis, potential industries, and each customer's risk appetite to advise on appropriate investment strategies.
  4. Technology and electronic trading: CSI can have its own technology platforms and electronic trading systems, making difference in customers trading experience.


At Vietnam Construction Securities (CSI), customers can open a securities account completely free of charge.

CSI provides quick and convenient online account opening service. To open an account, customers can choose one of the following methods:

Open eKYC account via CSI Mobile App. Refer to the instruction link for opening an account here and download the CSI Mobile app here.

For further assistance, please contact Hotline 0886 998 288

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