Money Deposit and Withdrawal



Method 1: Transfer money through the channel connected to CSI

Customers with BIDV accounts can make securities deposit on BIDV's Internet Banking/Mobile Banking according to the following instructions:

BIDV -->  Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking

Transfer money from Internet Banking/Mobile Banking

Money transfer detailed instructions:

BIDV – Instructions for deposit from Internet Banking
Link: Click here

BIDV – Instructions for deposit from Mobile Banking
Link: Click here

Method 2: Cash deposit via identification code

Customers can quickly transfer money from any bank to CSI's account at BIDV via IDENTIFICATION CODE "CSI102Cxxxxxx" according to the following instructions:

Select beneficiary bank: BIDV

Enter the account number according to the form: CSI102Cxxxxxx (Where xxxxxx is your securities account number)

Check the “Beneficiary name” section (Automatically displayed)

For safety and speed, customers can save the money transfer form for future transfers.

For detailed instructions, please see file: Instructions for CSI identification deposit



Customers deposit money into their securities account by writing a deposit slip or transferring money at bank counters to CSI's bank account at BIDV, Techcombank, Vietcombank, ACB, Viet A, etc.

List of Bank accounts:


Account holder: Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company
Beneficiary bank Account number

BIDV Bank - Ha Thanh Branch

1221 0000 477 958

Techcombank Bank - Business Center

137 222 0736 9025

Vietcombank Bank - Ba Dinh Branch

0611 0019 58140

Vietcombank Bank - Thanh Xuan Branch

102 669 6868

ACB Bank - Dong Do Branch

1368 3388 3388

Viet A Bank – Head Office

0163 999 999 999 000


Money deposit instructions:

Beneficiary name: Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock Company

Account number: 1368 3388 3388

Bank: ACB Bank - Dong Do Branch

Deposit content: Deposit money [Securities account number] [Corresponding account holder name at CSI]



Customers make money transfers from securities trading account to bank account and check the transfer status via the Online Trading systems at CSI simply and easily.

Money withdrawal channel

Online trading channel includes CSI Mobile, CSI Web trading, CSI Home Trading (Attach link)

Let's explore CSI's trading platforms
CSI Mobile Trading
CSI Mobile Trading

An application that provides a modern, convenient, easy-to-use stock trading platform for domestic and foreign investors with 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese (Traditional - Simplified).

CSI Web Trading
CSI Web Trading

CSI Web Trading provides full functions of stock trading, stock price list, placing orders, money and stock asset management with a simple, smart interface, easy to use for all types of domestic and foreign investors, with 4 types of languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese (Traditional - Simplified).

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